Webstore Rules & Requirements

1. We set up a web store with your art.

2. There would be a $65.00 set up charge for file to be created for embroidery (If this applies to your store).

3. Our Free Webstores include up to 4 garment choices. There will be a $45.00 set-up fee for 4 additional

items/colors. Some restrictions may apply.

4. There is a requirement of a minimum of 24 items to be purchased with the same Screen Print logo,

it can be assorted items and colors as long as the print is the same.

5. If your shop falls far below the anticipated order quantity, we may choose to refund the orders and not

produce them.

6. Embroidery has no minimum requirement, however the set up charge for the embroidery must be paid

even if 1 item with embroidery is ordered.

7. Published prices can include a mark up of your choice, which will not be visible to the end consumer.

Those mark-ups can then be used to offset your set-up cost. You will be given a check for the remainder

of the profits after those fees have been deducted. In some cases the set-up may need to be paid in advance.

8. Once your webstore has closed we will wait 24 hours before ordering garments for instances when last

minute orders can be accommodated. Once we have confirmed and garments have been ordered, we cannot

accept any add ons.

9. Once the order has moved into production, we need a minimum of 10 working days to produce the orders.

10. All orders will be bagged individually and the store owner will be responsible for distribution unless other

accommodations have been made.