Printable Measuring Tape For Sizing

We carry several different brands of clothing that vary greatly in sizes.  We provide size charts for your reference as well as this printable tape measure to help you select the correct fit.  Most measurements are calculated by laying the garment flat and measuring both horizontally and vertically. Please note that these custom garments are ordered and decorated just for you, they are non refundable once decorated.  We are always in our shop Monday-Friday from 9-5 if you want to come in! We are always happy to help!


When printing please ensure that the following boxes are UNCHECKED in the print dialogue box:
- Shrink oversized pages to paper size
- Expand small pages to paper size
- Auto rotate and center

When assembling tape measure:
- Cut along dotted lines
- Line up and tape together
- Measure
- Use provided charts to determine size

 Download Printable Measuring Tape Here